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Sophie Dee in Lace Panties
Sophie Dee in Lace Panties

Sophie Dee was wearing her favorite pair of black lace panties, with the tag still on them. She had just gotten dressed for her date with Tom, who she had been flirting with all week at the gym. As they sat across from each other at the restaurant, their eyes locked and they both knew what was coming next. They finished their dinner quickly and rushed back to his place, unable to wait any longer.
As soon as they got inside, Tom couldn’t resist Sophie’s voluptuous curves and grabbed onto her ass, pulling her close to him. He could feel the lace panties between them and it made him even more aroused. Sophie whispered into his ear that she wanted to try something new tonight – a roleplay where she would be his sexy secretary.
Tom agreed and immediately began undressing Sophie, revealing those perfect breasts he had always dreamed of touching. He reached underneath her bra and squeezed her nipples, making her moan loudly. The lace panties were soaked through now, and Tom knew exactly how to take care of his busty babe.

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Sophie Dee in Lace Panties