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What is AI generative art?
What is AI generative art?

AI-generated art is all anyone seems to be talking about lately, that is, when they aren’t going on about ChatGTP. So what exactly is it?

Simply put, AI generative art is created by training models using billions of images, letting the AI learn what different shapes and colors are. Like a child, it starts out knowing nothing. The more data you feed it, the smarter it gets. Eventually, it can learn different styles and designs, and then humans like us can type in instructions on what we want to see.

Using a simple (or sometimes not so simple) text prompt, we can tell the AI to draw up a picture of something. But more than just a picture of something, we can tell it to draw that picture in a certain known artistic style.

Alberto Seveso is an artist. If you wanted to create a picture of flowers in his known artistic style, you simply tell the AI that is what you want. This is one of the many results you would get with the right text prompt using AI.

Alberto Seveso AI Flowers

The AI knows who Alberto Seveso is, and what style he creates his art with. It also knows what a vase of followers is, and combines it all to produce the artistic rendering you see above.

AI helps people create pictures. The pictures can be of anything you can imagine, including real-life people. Below you’ll find an AI-generated image of Ana Foxxx, who is very much a real person.

Ana Foxxx Artistic Rendering from Kandy.AI

To create an image like this, you’ll find the need to train the AI with hundreds of images of her, so that you can teach the AI what Ana Foxxx actually looks like in real life.

Ana Foxxx Moss and Leaves

Once you train the AI on what a person looks like, you can use it to generate any number of creative photos of them in various artistic styles.

Ana Foxxx Geometric

Most people assume that AI generative art is all cartoon-like or anime-style. And while it’s true you can generate those kinds of images, and they look fabulous, you can also create very life-like photo realistic images as well.

Here’s an AI-generated image of Sophie Dee.

Sophie Dee Artistic Rendering from Kandy.AI

Here’s a photo-realistic rendering of Rachel Starr.

Rachel Starr Artistic Rendering from Kandy.AI

When it comes to generative AI, the possibilities really are endless, but it all begins with training a model and teaching it who a person is, or what an object is. Then you use the AI to manipulate or change it in almost any way you can think of.

So now you have a basic understanding of AI generative art is, and how it works, at least on a very basic level.



What is AI generative art?